New Shiny App for Exploring Kent County Council Card Spending in 2011- 2015

I am happy to announce a new web app I have created for exploring card spending of the Kent County Council. Card spending items are payments made using purchase (Visa) cards to pay for things where there was no existing council procurement contract. The Council publishes all purchase card spend over £250 on a monthly basis.

You can view the running app here. It is still a bit of “work in progress”, thus I will make the source code available on Github as soon as it is finished.

The app is built using Shiny, the web application framework for R created by RStudio. This is the sixth app that I have created using Shiny. If you are interested in viewing the other statistical web applications that I have created, here is a list of them:

  1. Crime and Policing in Great Britain
  2. Thanet Council Spending
  3. Country Credit Rating
  4. Parametric and Non-parametric Models in Forecasting /due to some technical issues (INLA is not available via Shiny) source code is available to download and run locally.
  5. Age Structured Pacific Salmon Population Model available to download from Github here.


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